I should have asked first. Is it alright to reblog your art? Not re-post, but to reblog to share? I think you draw beautifully and the colors are just gorgeous. If not, I'm more than happy to delete what I did and just admire your pictures :)

Well. Thank you very much for your kind words about my pics. And for your politeness. And no I don’t care about any rights because all I draw is fanart and in my understanding it means - things for other fans. And the reason I draw is to show characters I love in situations I’d wish to happen - it’s not for own popularity or pride. I am happy because of rebloging or just reposting my things even without authors mention also because I have no rights for chars I draw cause again they aren’t my property - they have own fanbase and history and people love them but it’s not my merit. So I have to thank for sharing my idea with other people. So again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.